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" I asked the existing choir members to give an insight into how they feel about being a part

of the choir. Below are are just a handful of the responses... " - Irene

" I absolutely love it! I look  forward to every Monday,  its so uplifting and fun! "



" An experience not

      to be missed! "

" The choir has brought fun & friendship its also given my confidence a great boost! "


" Lovely , 


      choir -

          join! "

" It's like therapy, there's nothing like singing to lift your spirits and make you smile, I love it! "

" Joyful, uplifting, full of laughter, very    positive. Great to sing with everyone "

" There is a great sense  of belonging in this  choir, everyone is so    friendly "


" I just love this choir

   great fun! "

" Monday nights are so much fun! Never thought I'd      enjoy performing but I do! Irene is a fab choir mistress,  great  stress relief " 

        " I no longer get that ' Monday morning'

feeling as I know I will be singing with  

this wonderful bunch in the evening,

I love it! "

" Brilliantly led by Irene and Paul. Fun! "

" Joining the choir is without a doubt one of the best things that I have ever done! "

" Brilliant choir! , fun, rewarding

and a  great atmosphere "

" As a new member i was made to feel very welcome "

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