Linskill Community Choir was started by Irene Anderson and Paul McDermott in October 2013. It began initially as a 6 week experiment but nothing could have prepared them for the response from the local community.


About 30 people attended the first rehearsal and sang their hearts out. With just a handful of practice sessions completed the choir went on to sing at five different local events. This in turn prompted a growth in confidence from within the choir, Irene, Paul and the choir members decided that the choir should continue past the initial 6 week trial period.


'The group really gelled together beautifully, we were having far to much fun to stop' - Irene









The choir has grown considerably in size and now has more than 100 members.  Performances have taken place at a variety of locations including:- The Whitley Bay Playhouse, The Rockcliffe Rugby Club, The North Shields Victorian Christmas Market, The Sage - Gateshead, The Mouth of the Tyne Festival, Wallsend Festival and several WW1 commemoration events across the local area.  You can view upcoming events information by clicking here.


A joint concert with The Harmony Youth choir was also a fantastic experience.



'Wow! it's such a joy to see so many people coming together to enjoy each others company and sing. It has to be said though that sometimes laughing gets in the way of the serious work' - Irene

The aim of the choir is to sing popular, upbeat songs in a fun, happy environment.  


There are no age restrictions and a warm welcome from all of the choir members is guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for?


Head down to the Linskill Centre on Monday evenings at 7pm, you can experience all that Linskill Community Choir has to offer for yourself.